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Ivo Tateo Manager Customer Service

16. March 2020

5 Product Innovations for machining & Tool Management

ZCC Cutting Tools publish the Product Innovations Catalog 03/2020.

In spring, ZCC Cutting Tools Europe launched a new product catalogue.

This includes new products for general turning, grooving and parting, indexable insert milling, solid carbide milling and the tool management system. The catalogue focuses on the following products:


zRay: Spindle System holder with exchangeable cassette

The special tool system zRay is available in a new black design. The rotary holder system with high-pressure cooling enables full chip control with medium machining of long-chipping materials such as nickel-based and titanium alloys.


PM Micro series: 277 new tools for mold making

The new PM Micro series includes tools with 2 cutting edges including ball nose, Square corner and torus cutters. Thanks to our optimized cutting geometry, the milling cutters are suitable for use in steel and cast materials up to 62 HRC. The PM Micro series will be available from stock from May 2020.


QQCH series: Time and cost savings through quick tool changes

The interchangeable head system for solid carbide milling cutters consist of 2 series: The PM series is suitable for universal machining up to 55 Hrc, while the HMX series is ideal for machining hardened steels from 50 to 68 HRC. Both series consist of Square corner, ball nose and torus cutters from 12 to 32 mm. The matching solid carbide shanks are available in cylindrical and conical shapes. The short cylindrical shank is also available as a steel version. By re-using the shank, the user has significant cost savings compared to ordinary solid carbide cutters.


FM series: deburring cutters for general machining

The solid carbide deburring cutters with 4 and 6 cutting edges are TiALN coated and available with 60 °, 90 ° or now with 120 ° angles. The FM series is suitable for linear deburring or chamfering of workpiece edges, as well as for circular contour machining.


Tool management system: Reduce indirect tool costs

With its tool management system, ZCC Cutting Tools Europe offers many user benefits: reduced tool costs and variety, minimal work in progress, avoidance of machine downtimes, less tool search time and optimized ordering.

Product Innovations 03/2020

The English Product Innovations Catalogue is available as a PDF with just one click.

Would you prefer a printed version? Then contact ZCC Cutting Tools Europe at or + 49211-989240-0.