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Sandro Maaß Deputy Manager Product Management & Application Engineering

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Lightweight Composites for Aerospace

The quality of the components is critical to the success of companies operating in the aerospace industry. High-end precision tools are used to produce durable, lightweight, and long-lasting chassis, engine, and structural components.

Technical innovations in the aerospace field ensure that flying has not only become safer over time, but also significantly more efficient. As part of effort to reduce mankind’s impact on the environment, stricter CO2 emissions requirements are being met with novel, lightweight materials such as CFRP and GFRP.

In addition, polyamides and ultralight titanium alloys also hold tremendous potential when it comes to reducing aircraft weight. The heat-resistant alloys, Inconel 718 and Hastelloy, are also widely used in many aerospace applications due to their excellent creep strength and high fatigue strength at low temperatures.

The growth of 3D printing presents a challenge in relation to machining. More and more components are now being produced using this technique. After the parts are finished, they then are machined. Key things to consider include the heat build-up that occurs when working with materials like Inconel 718, Hastelloy, and titanium along with the high cutting forces required to machine them.
ZCC-CT understands the material-specific requirements of the industry, which is why it offers special tools with ultra-sharp cutting edges and heat-resistant coatings. Our product line includes the zRay high-pressure tool, which comes equipped with an interchangeable cassette and dual coolant supply, wear-resistant -SNR YBS103 turning inserts, and solid carbide cutters from the TM series.


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