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Volker Welsch Product Manager Indexable Milling

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Cutting Tools for Rotor Blades, Power Units, and Drive Components

The energy engineering sector has undergone radical change in the last few years. Centralized coal-fired, gas-fired, and nuclear power stations are increasingly being replaced by decentralized energy generation plants such as wind turbines and PV installations.
Energy Engineering in Transition

In the early 2000s, he German Renewable Energy Sources Act and other laws giving priority to renewable energies laid the foundation for an unprecedented increase in green energy generation in Germany and other industrialized countries. Thanks to government-guaranteed feed-in tariffs, it has been possible to build wind turbines, PV installations, and other systems based on similar technologies on an industrial scale and make them competitive with conventional technologies.

The manufacturing industry has rapidly adapted to the unique challenges of renewable energies and developed new processes for the production of high-precision power units and drive components. More and more of these components are now being produced using 3D printing, after which they are then machined.

The increasing demands placed on the materials in terms of properties they provide make them difficult to machine, a process that requires high-performance cutting tools.

To meet this demand, ZCC-CT offers powerful tools for machining drive components, power units, rotor blades, and other parts made of a range of different materials. These include, for example, the TM series of sturdy solid carbide cutters, the UD series of solid carbide drills, and the ZSD indexable insert drills. We also offer special high-pressure tools such as the zRay and coated turning inserts from the YGB and YBS series.

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