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Ivo Tateo Manager Customer Service

17. February 2020

PM Micro series: 277 new tools for mold making

ZCC Cutting Tools expands its portfolio with micro tools.

The new PM Micro series offer precision ground tools with 2 cutting edges as ball nose, corner and torus cutters.

Thanks to an optimized cutting geometry, the milling cutters are suitable for use in steel and cast materials up to 62 HRC. Advantage for the user: The same tool can be used before and after the component has been hardened.

The cutting diameters range from 0.5 mm to 5 mm. Torus milling cutters are available with 2 or 3 different corner radius for each diameter to ensure the greatest possible flexibility in use. The shaft tolerance h5 is ideal when using shrink fit spindle tooling and the radius tolerance of +/- 5µm guarantees reliable precision for finishing application.

The Non-relieved shank version of the ball nose and shoulder milling cutters with 1.5xD and 2xD cutting length have proven themselves particularly when machining at depth with the greatest possible performance.

The PM Micro series comprises a total of 277 items and will be available from stock in May 2020.